Global industry experts share local energy solutions across national and international borders, cultivating progressive dialogue on business challenges, shifting market paradigms and forward-looking approaches to accelerate industry growth. We can learn a lot from each other.
Driving favorable regulatory policies to deploy more robust district energy microgrids will require an informed industry voice to articulate the key issues with appropriate audiences. IDEA must lead on this.
Mayors and local leaders are now seeking more resilient energy systems to strengthen their economies, attract new business investment and avoid business interruption losses while preparing for more frequent and severe weather events. IDEA and EcoDistricts will provide training for planners, sustainability directors and community leaders in best practices for community energy development.
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Seattle Steam serves over 200 buildings downtown from a primary urban biomass plant that converts municipal waste wood into clean, renewable heating service. Its 80,000-lb/hr biomass boiler can produce up to 55% of its customers’ energy needs. Seattle Steam's recent accomplishments have set the stage for new initiatives that feature a new-age steam engine, CHP and irtual electricity storage – all distinct possibilities for a vibrant, 121 year old district energy system.
IDEA curates a world-class technical program covering all facets of district energy - planning, design, engineering, construction, operations, marketing and policy - engaging experienced industry professionals to impart real world knowledge.
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Workshops on community energy planning and biomass development will provide practical training through deeper discovery and insightful peer exchange. Skills building will focus on customer services, marketing, sales & business development strategies and competing with in-building systems. More on Community Energy Planning Workshop. More on Biomass CHP Workshop.
IDEA has always recognized the valuable contributions of our business partner vendors, consultants and suppliers in driving industry advancement by showcasing new technology innovations and case studies on system optimization.
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By enabling the convergence of hundreds of like-minded energy professionals, IDEA facilitates partnering opportunities for new business ventures and alliances while offering a true marketplace of ideas with invaluable networking. IDEA members frequently cite the high caliber and professional quality of attendees as a major advantage.
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